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JenMarie Zeleznak Print

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"Constant Cycles Strung Together" 

White matted 11x14 print

JenMarie's work is concerned with emotionally and spiritually driven experiences, affected by introspection and internal dialogue. The animal becomes a medium for the expression of the self, yet retains autonomy in honoring actual, unaltered gestures to convey emotional form. The approximated representations create relatability between the work and the viewer and the work and herself that is necessary. The lack of environment is a suggestion of an internal space. This space allows a connection on an emotional human level by depicting the animals out of their original context into a space that becomes personal and reflective. The emphasis is on the serenity of surrendering to an external force, suspended somewhere in between despair and reconciliation.

JenMarie seeks to create a duality in her work through unconventional representations that induce an empathetic response for both the animal’s condition of being and the human condition. She seeks, and more importantly needs, an unspoken feeling in the images she create that deeply move her. To be moved by something is an intuitive response, a pure feeling, and the perceptual ability to know without knowing how you know. That immediate feeling of being moved is a conscious expression in the present moment, the innermost space between thinking and being, and the place she can only hope her works exists for the viewer.