LeMoyne Fringe
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LeMoyne Fringe

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Clara LeMoyne is a Durango, CO-based jeweler whose passion for jewelry making came as an intuitive hit as she recovered from a leg injury in New Mexico.  Unable to walk during her recovery, Clara decided to teach herself jewelry-making as a way to pass the time.  She found jewelry to be a deeply healing creative outlet and slowly started to offer her work to friends and family.  As her work became a hit within her own circle, she decided to branch out, offering her work to stores around the Southwest and the San Juan Mountains. 

Her work is inspired by the Southwest landscape, her travels around the world, her love of color, and her affinity for Deco design.  The name Desert Moon comes from the time she spent healing- both physically and creatively- under an incredible New Mexican high desert moon.  Clara’s goal is to make unique, powerful, lightweight, affordable, and creative pieces.  Her style is constantly evolving, and she hopes that one of her pieces- an iteration of her creative journey- speaks to you.  

-Brass and white seed beads

-22k gold plated earwire